Best Automatic Pet Feeder

If you don’t like the idea of refilling a dog and cat feeder every single day, pick the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder.

Although we all value our pets, sometimes we are merely too busy. Meals for pets specifically can generate problems for families with busy lifestyles.

The majority of dispenser feeders, it doesn’t dispense an even volume of kibble greater than ½ inch, that’s bad should your pets are susceptible to overeating or if they want tightly controlled diets.

Products similar to this Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed will ease your along with your pet’s everyday routine, as its purpose is feeding your canine friend with the scheduled time and with the right portion amount you have previously set.

Owning this automatic pet feeder means one less worry if the pet may be fed properly, with no more the need to deal with a hungry family pet whenever you walk inside door following a tiring workday.

While researching automatic canine feeders, I found that a majority of online reviewers had a similar complaints regarding their machines: The feeders were tough to use, simple for their pets to break into, or vulnerable to jamming on kibble.

The experts I interviewed echoed those concerns, adding that feeding accuracy, food storage and freshness, plus a backup power source were also essential considerations. With those points in your mind, I created the following testing criteria several cat and dog feeder manufacturers.

Ease of usage: After filling each feeder, I unleashed my cat and dog on them to ascertain if they are able to easily steal kibble through the hopper or spout. I also tried entering them myself by using my fingers and various kitchen utensils.

Stability: I took a 10-pound bag of rice and banged it against each feeder to ascertain if it could stay upright when attacked by way of a hungry pet.

Kibble compatibility and dispensing accuracy: I tested how easily and accurately each model dispensed pet food of sizes, shapes, and moisture content. I tested four dry-kibble labels, two semi-moist varieties, the other wet-food brand: Meow Mix Original Choice, Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused, Pedigree Adult, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care, Purina Moist & Meaty, Purina Beneful Healthy Weight, and Fancy Feast Medleys, respectively.

Ease of cleaning: I followed the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and noted any challenges linked to cleaning each dispenser.

The fresh test: I added wet and semi-moist food towards the dispensers that supported them and observed how fresh they kept the meal over twenty four hours.

Power outage protection: I connected dispensers that required an energy adapter to some surge protector, and then powered down the surge protector to find out which feeders retained their programmed settings.

Wi-Fi outage protection: For smart feeders, I deterred the Wi-Fi connection in my home to see if each still dispensed the programmed feedings without having a signal.

Fully Programmable Pet Feeder

This automatic pet feeder is fully programmable and enables you to adjust the portions and program the feeding schedule in accordance with your pet. So you can also put your dog on a diet by programming this device to dispense small portions of food previously, or couple of times daily if you want.

The portion-control system of the automatic feeder utilizes a conveyor belt to dispense drybest automatic pet feeder review and semi-moist canine. It can dispense from 1 Oz (1/8 cup) approximately 4 cups of kibble at a time.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

You can adjust the feeder to dispense as much as 12 meals daily, in case your dog loves to eat more often, fat in smaller amounts.

The capacity with the Petsafe hopper is 24 glasses of dry commercial dog food. So in case you continue business or personal trips, you won’t need to panic about feeding your dog. In such cases, you should see and also speak to your canine friend remotely via some pet camera, including PetChatz HD, Petcube, or Pawbo Treat Cam.

Best automatic pet feeder – PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

Best automatic pet feeder will come in 3 parts: the principle unit, stainless-steel bowl, as well as a plastic bowl holder. The package comes with user manual and quick start guide.

The feeder weights 6.5 lbs, as well as size is 13.3” x 10.3” x 15.8”. It is often a sturdy unit made from BPA free plastic plus a modern and unobtrusive design that can conveniently be carried at each and every corner of your house. Thanks to the transparent hopper, you’ll be able to see should your canine is running low.

However, a very important factor which can be thought to be a downside of Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is its chute is quite close to the bowl. So, some pets will discover their heads bumping contrary to the feeder trying to get at their food. However, it is possible to solve this in the event you put the unit over a higher surface including a book or two, and this should no longer be a difficulty for your furry friend.

How It Works

A conveyor belt within this feeder is divided with rigid plastic parts, where each division PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder review 6holds dinner inside the amount pre-set through the owner.

The conveyor moves each division upwards, and releases the pre-set meal inside programmed time, or around 12 meals a day.

The very first time you turn for the unit, put food for the top of the convey to allow for the product begin dispensing the meal.

Best automatic pet feeder - PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl


Portion Sizes

The volume of dry food can be from 1/8 cup to 4 cups, while the total capacity from the hopper is 24 cups of dry canine. Your pet won’t have the ability to reach the meal from the next meal thanks to the plastic division used in front of the dispensing opening. Moreover, the feeder includes a locking light that will further protect the meals from your canine friend’s paws, claws, and slavering jaws. So it’s good which a product of this type is pet-proof.

That needs to be a consideration at the same time, as some dogs for example might create it their pursuit to destroy this machine to get towards the food inside.

This product incorporates a metal bowl which may be easily removed for cleaning because it runs on the plastic hoop to install to the feeder. Plus, its material protects your pet from appearance of feline acne, so this is an additional advantage.


You will have the ability to choose your dog’s meals in accordance with your schedule as well as your pet’s needs, because this feeder includes these feeding modes: immediate feed, slow feed mode, and pause feed.

There are several handy modes available with this PetSafe feeder. Immediate Feed Mode basically fast forwards the next set meal and dispenses it immediatly. Slow
mode prevents your canine friend from eating too fast, so it’s maybe the healthiest option.

Your pet gets its meal a bit during a period, inside a array of 15 minutes. This is especially helpful if your pet inhales food when eating too fast.

The pause feed mode enables pausing the working of the unit, without deleting or changing of one’s pre-set program. This could be convenient in the event you take your dog together with you on vacation for any weekend, so once you return you won’t must program the feeder all over again.



Battery Powered

petsafePetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder works on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries which are intended to last up to a year, however they are not included inside package.

But this automatic device has also an entry port on an AC adapter. Additional or replacement power adapter with this feeder is sold separately.

So this might be seen as just a little flaw from the Petsafe feeder, mainly because it doesn’t include the AC adapter inside the package and our research shows that numerous people would regards whether it were.

Overall Thoughts

We think this unit offers excellent value to best automatic pet feeder have an automatic pet feeder. It allows programming your furry friend’s meals when it comes to their amount and period of dispensing, with 3 highly practical feeding modes.

If you’re looking for any truly smart pet feeder, that’s more adaptable and possesses more features, feeding your canine friend in accordance with its size, weight, physical activity, breed etc., or remotely feeding your pet via your iPhone, you’ve got another choice in the form in the understandably costlier PetNet Smartfeeder.

Overall, to the price, we such as this automatic feeder and that we think it’s going to ease your everyday living by not having to feed your furry friend early within the morning or shortly before bedtime whenever you sleep. And your furry friend is going to be satisfied by receiving its meals by the due date, even when you are certainly not home.

Unlike spending actual time with your dog, the feeding of your dog is often a job which takes up time, however you don’t need to be normally the one performing it. As long as you’re there for your pet where it counts, as being a good belly scratch, your pet isn’t going to mind whether food comes through the feeder otherwise you.


– Made from durable materials, as well as simple to set-up and use
– Allows users to customize the foodstuff portions
– Can be scheduled approximately 12 feeding times each day
– Prevents speed eating, thanks to the slow feeding option. Choose this method, and feeding time might be extended to quarter-hour
– Includes a stainless steel bowl that’s dishwasher-friendly
– Hopper is made out of transparent material, thus allowing easy checking of food level
– Offers a pause feature, which helps stops the feeding cycle
– Unit also allows dog owners to fast-track the feeding time


– AC adapter not included in the package
– Programming features could be tricky for that first time user
– Noises are made once the kibbles are dropped about the bowl
– Design of chute is close to the unit’s bowl which can be a problem in case your cat wears metallic name tags
– The bowl is too deep for that average pet. Some cats ought to lean down more in order to eat
– This unit won’t permit the pet owner to set the minimum amount of food when the slow feeding for fifteen minutes is selected