There’s nothing better than overindulging during the holiday season, I mean, it’s practically a requirement. Food, wine, presents, all designed to fill up our stomachs and empty our purses. So it’s nice to save where you can, in both a fiscal sense, and a general earthly sense, wouldn’t you agree?

Here to demonstrate how to create homemade gift wrap, super cute and made from bits and bobs that you’re sure to have around the house, so virtually recycled! So you can save on the wrapping and spend on the wine… or chocolate.


You need:
Pompom maker
Brown paper / any paper / paper scraps
Paper bags
Paint & Paint pens
Polka dot stickers
Pretty much just pull out anything remotely crafty you have. EVERYTHING!

How to:

1. Cleanse. Empty out your draws and cupboards. Pull out everything. Puff paint, craft glue, ribbons, EVERYTHING!

2. Pompoms. Make a few pompoms. Seriously, a few pompoms go along way. I got my yellow plastic pompom maker from my local craft store, but really, a fork would do the same thing.

3. Keep gift bags. Paper bags are great for those gifts which are hard to wrap, but still have a wonderful surface to paint, decorate and hang stuff from. When someone gives you a gift bag, don’t throw it away with the bath water. Keep it. Hoard it for a rainy day. I have a entire box full of paper gift bags from shops. Keep them! They are super handy. Paint. I love bright wrapping paper. Paint a few sheets of A3 paper. Splotch them up and make them a muted or as bright as you like. Take out your weekly frustrations on the paper. It will thank-you for it.

4. Stickers. Polkadot stickers from your local stationary shop go along way when you are wrapping. They last for ever too and make a cheap wrapping look a million dollars.

5. Fringing. Fringing is easy. Take a few sheets of paper and cut it into strips leaving 2cm spare at one end. Layer it up and glue it into any flat surface for a textured effect.