Top 3 Light Bulb Spy Camera

3 Light Bulb Spy Camera

Who could ever believe that light bulb spy camera could possibly be used as security solutions for homes? Developers have crafted one of the most common things for the home to offer a solution for one from the main causes of headaches in numerous homes: security. Light bulb spy camera are particularly created for covert recordings. The similarity between your bulb and also the normal ones is impressive this means you will fit into normal sockets perfectly. Once you’ve got fixed the digital camera you can view the feed from wherever you are providing you possess a Wi-Fi connection. You will use the light bulb spy camera as being a nanny camera for general home security.


            1.Meisort VR13E Light Bulb Camera

Key product features:

  • 360 degrees field of view
  • Night vision feature
  • HD resolution
  • Smart App

Light bulb spy camera are becoming a standard favorite for many homes. Choosing the best light bulb spy camera that will achieve everything for you is priceless.

Meisort VR13E is one from the light bulb cameras you can find with vast features to pick from. At first glance, someone will think it’s a standard lighting bulb but it is not only a bulb, this is a lamp using a covert spy camera for security solutions.

You would not need any expertise to install your camera disguised as a bulb in your house. It functions just like an average bulb along with the setup is easy as 1 2 3.

The camera comes with a free 32 GB MicroSD card; the camera can store around 64 GB of information.

Product features – Smart App

Meisort VR13E bulb cameras come having a downloadable free App for your smartphone. It is works with Android and IOS and on the Apple store and Google play store. Once you download the app for a phone, you have access to the live stream from the camera from wherever you happen to be.

The number of viewers is just not limited, you can contribute as much users as possible using the App and you will be positive that someone is checking on your home.Whether you are with your mobile data bundle or you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can look at the feed through the light bulb camera anytime.

Snapshots are sent in your phone immediately motion is detected. Real-time viewing lets you sign in for your app to look at the feed so you do not miss anything on what is occurring back at home.

Wide field of view Meisort VR13E cameras tend not to limit the extent of view in your property. Fitted with an inbuilt 1.3 megapixels fish-eyed lens for the digital camera, Meisort VR13E helps to ensure that you will see all images and videos recorded by the camera in magnificent capabilities.

The bulb camera boasts a 360 degrees field of view with zero blind spots to enable the camera to capture extensive areas around where the camera is placed.

HD Resolution

Cheap light bulb cameras out there offer poor quality imaging and therefore, you can’t get much from your feeds in case you might be doing an investigation and with all the feed as evidence.

Meisort VR13E comes which has a resolution of 960p offering you high-quality images and videos. Blurry images and videos will be anything from the past in case you be happy with these bulb cameras.

Night vision capabilities

Security in the home needs to be all round the clock and therefore, a camera that offers you this possibility happens to be a must-have. The lamp camera is suited with infrared LED technology that supports night vision. The IR LED lights are automatic: once it is dark, the sensors accommodate night mode. During the day, the lights on the bulb automatically turn off to bring down power. You can also turn the lights off in case the lighting is really a distraction for example once the bulb camera is placed in the bedroom. This feature can be controlled from a smart App
Easy setup and after-purchase use
Once you buy the lamp camera, you do not have to worry about mobile phone process. Just like a standard lighting bulb, plug it into the lighting socket and you are good to go. Ensure that you might have downloaded the App to link it to the bulb camera to be able to remotely view the feed. As long as the camera is plugged into the socket, you tend not to have to keep on fiddling with your camera


  • Wide field of vision
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision features
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Access feed remotely utilizing your smartphone linked to the camera.


  • The bulb camera will not function on 5G Wi-Fi


         2. Meco Wi-Fi Bulb Security camera

Product features:

  • Motion detection feature
  • Two-way communication
  • Panoramic view

Monitor the safety of your house from wherever you’re from the smart App from Meco who’re the manufacturers of the Meco Wi-Fi bulb home security camera.

As long because you have a wireless connection from a phone, you will be able to look at all your camera captures that is videos and images. Images and videos do understand as the camera has an HD resolution of around 960 HD with a wide viewing angle. The 360 degrees angle of view enables you to begin to see the happenings of were the camera is situated and to see across the cameras on both right and left sides, slightly pinch the camera on both sides.

To obtain finer details from the feed, you’ll be able to zoom your camera as much as 4 times by simply double tapping on the screen of one’s phone while logged on towards the App.

Communicate through your camera using your phone since your camera posseses an inbuilt two-way audio feature. Wad off intruders, command your pets and talk for a nanny and children freely and efficiently.

With the easy 1- step process, you are able to guarantee security to your home and reassurance on your own. You will only need to install the app over Wi-Fi and link it the digital camera and that is certainly it. You can check out mount it to the ceiling like a standard lighting bulb. The connection with the app also helps you will get notifications and alerts for a phone in case your camera detects any motion.


  • Motion detection
  • Easy setup
  • Quality images and videos


  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection


         3. Antaivision Wireless Bulb Security Camera


Key product features:

  • 960p High Definition camera
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Wi-Fi enabled

To get started while using Antaivision bulb camera, you are going to first need to install the CoolCam mobile application from Google play store or Apple store. The mobile app is works with any smartphone you could have. The whole installation process takes just one minute simply requires you’ve Wi-Fi and your phone.

Once a web link is done involving the phone and the camera, you are able to control all functions from your comfort of the phone. Antaivision light bulb cameras tend not to come with supports and for that reason you will have to use the bulb sockets available at home. Installing the light bulb cameras is very cheap and hassle-free.

Once the lamp camera, is installed and set up, it is possible to enjoy 360 degrees field of view with zero blind spots. Simply put, everything is inside your sight there are zero chances you are going to miss anything.

This is also supported with the motion detection alerts for the phone which upon detecting any movement inside the room, sends alerts to your smartphone. You can also communicate and listen in because you watch over your house and your family.


  • Have 8 LED lights that may help you see within the dark.


  • Cannot work with no microSD card
  • No night vision abilities
  • No motion detection alerts



Several light bulb spy camera brands, are you can find each with its design and specifications.

However, from your review, we are able to note that most cameras have standard features that cut across all the brands. The Meisort VR13E Light Bulb camera usually stand out from the rest mainly because it as some unique features we have discussed in details. It is important that when you are looking for alight bub camera, you’re working within your budget and security.