As I mentioned a few days ago, pearls worn in unconventional ways are right up my alley. In honor of the amazing Dior pearl earrings I’ve been seeing everywhere, today I’m going to show you how to Do It Yourself  a similar style yourself. I worked out they weren’t too hard to make my own using pearl earrings and pearl beads.

You need:

  • Pearl earrings
  • Matching pearl beads in large size
  • Rubber earring backs
  • Super glue
  • A skewer

Or buy the kit here (with enough supplies to make two pairs as well as a bunch of other pearly projects)

1. Put some glue on the end of the skewer.

2. Press it into the hole of the pearl bead.

3. Then with your fingers press the rubber earring back into the hole.

4. Press it down hard so it goes all the way in and then leave to dry.


5. Check the hole is clear using the earring back.


And you’re done!