Restrictions? Embrace Them!

During the process of home improvement planning, you might face almost infinite options and you literally couldn’t create them unless you had some kind of guidelines to hem you in. So, since this is the usual case, don’t just think of physical or any monetary limitations as a hindrance. Why don’t you consider certain restrictions as your greatest aid in decision making? Just be positive.

Design from the Inside Out

Thinking for a floor plan? If so, don’t just regard it as a big sheet cake to be carved up into the right sized pieces. As a person envisioning something great for your own home, start planning with the principal rooms and then let things accrete outward. While doing this, don’t worry about the lining on the walls as you can always tidy things up a bit later.

At this point, just concentrate on what you are doing from the inside out.

Form a Hierarchy

Most experts often consider ranking the importance of every room beforehand.

Accordingly, this approach will allow you to decide which rooms deserve the best view, the most expensive finishes, and so on. Usually, the major rooms such as the living room, master bedroom, and family room top the list, but still it is your call. If you find that cooking is your big passion, for instance, then I think the kitchen should be prioritized. You could design your kitchen by setting it in an area where the garden is accessible, with a fancier ceiling, or maybe some special features. Just listen to your call.

Adhere to Good Solar Orientation

According to some experts, adhering to good solar orientation will make many of your home improvement planning decision for you. You can face your living areas toward the sunny southern exposure, and have your utilitarian areas like the garage, laundry and bathrooms face north. Aside from that, you can make expose your rooms to sunlight at the time of day that they’re used most. In particular, you can set the breakfast room facing east for morning light, or the dining room facing west for afternoon sun. You also have the chance to orient bedrooms in accordance with your preference for morning or afternoon sun. It is important to note however that not every site can accommodate these mentioned ideals. But as the aphorism goes, “the closer you get, the better”.

Get Stuck On a Design Problem? Don’t Just Fizzle Out!

We can’t deny the fact that there are really some times that we find ourselves stuck on a certain problem. So, if for instance you get stuck on a design problem, don’t just fizzle out and leave well enough alone. Perhaps the best thing to do is to quit for a few days and then go back to your plan with a fresh eye and positive mind. Simply repeat this cycle until every problem is solved. As often said, creative success demands an attention to detail, and this is true in architecture as well as in life.

So, I guess I’ve told you enough about proper planning for home improvement. If you are still with me after ranting those stuffs, then congratulations and good luck to your home improvement project