Smart Train Schedule – RainMachine

RainMachine is an additional DIY yourself smart sprinkler controller that is very easy to activate that there’s no chance of getting lost. I’ve personally installed the RainMachine, and it only took around 5-8 minutes to have it ready to go.

If you’re thinking about the setup process, we’ve dropped an in depth video guide published by RainMachine. It perfectly explains every one of the steps needed to complete the task.

If you have still got any questions, RainMachine’s package has a person manual, which you can use for extra guidance. Lastly, in the event the problem persists, contact RainMachine’s support. Those people are superb and will assistance with any question you may have.

It’s needed for modern smart home products to get both functional and visually appealing. Every smart home shopper actively seeks devices that help the overall appearance of the houses. So it’s important for RainMachine to own eye-catching and attractive designs.

RainMachine is the most attractive and exquisite sprinkler controller available on the market. It’s well-built, beautifully-designed and eye-catching. The dimensions of RainMachine sprinkler controller are 5.9 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches, also it weighs 11 ounces.

The touch interface of RainMachine sprinkler controller works smoothly. Compared to its competitors, this irrigation system controller has the best design. I spoke with other RainMachine owners, and everyone seems to get crazy about its looks.


Product features:

Twelve Zones
Cloud Independent
Multiple Weather Services
Rain and Wind Sensitivity
Forecast and Measured Data
Mobile & Web Application
Open API
Amazon Alexa Support

– Performance

What we must reveal now is the performance capabilities in our sprinkler controllers. It’s necessary to recognize how well these and if they are able to save us money and water.
Rainmachine is the one other functional irrigation system controller that actually works perfectly. RainMachine is a best-selling sprinkler controller and contains 1000s of satisfied customers.

He gathers information from various weather forecast companies and punctiliously analyses the info.

The scheduling feature of RainMachine works flawlessly. You can take action from the touchscreen, plus it’s effortless to navigate. RainMachine offers kits for 8, 12, or 16 zones, which offers the ideal choice of range.

RainMachine is integrable with weather stations, and yes it delivers accurate weather reports. The company states provide around 80% water savings on account of RainMachine automatically adjusting sprinkler/water usage (because of a forecast of rain, by way of example).

Besides Amazon Echo integration, RainMachine can function with IFTTT, SmartThings and Netatmo. The most significant benefit from RainMachine, as people say, may be the local access since some don’t like using mobile apps to provide commands and monitor activities.

RainMachine is entirely independent of the cloud. In other words, even when your Wi-Fi is down, it won’t interfere with the sprinkler controller. It’s also EPA WaterSense certified, and you’ll manually set the schedules, or it is possible to let the sprinkler controller to do it for you personally.

As for your savings, RainMachine does a lovely job. We’ve estimated that inside first month of installing the sprinkler controller, we saved around 60% on water.

In short, if you’re looking for complete on-device controls or if your connection is unreliable, RainMachine will be a better fit to suit your needs. Besides the touchscreen, there’s an app for Android, iOS and a Web to run/supervise your sprinkler controller.

The most prominent drawback of RainMachine is that it must be installed somewhere indoors (a garage can do fine) as it’s not really a weatherproof sprinkler.

RainMachine requires you to definitely create schedules mainly because it can’t get it done by itself. You need to tell the sprinkler controller which days to water as well as set the size of the processes.

Luckily, there’s an element called ‘weather adaptive watering’ and, if activated, RainMachine will start acting upon weather forecasts. For example, if there’s a whopping rain tomorrow, it’ll override your original scheduling cycle and act as it sees fit.

– Mobile Application

What we should instead write about might be the mobile phone application RainMachine. If had bad mobile apps, the person experience will be low, the ones would try to find alternative sprinkler controllers.

Since we mostly use our apps to manipulate, monitor and schedule our irrigation system controllers, it’s required for devices to posses functional iOS and Android apps.

RainMachine’s mobile application is superb. It’s clean, functional, comfortable to work with and well-built. We’ve never experienced the app bugging, crashing, freezing or glitching. It’s well-structured and intuitive so you’ll have zero trouble finding that which you came searching for.

The interface with the mobile application is not hard and offers some interesting insights. It displays the neighborhood weather, forecast, rain amount, next watering cycle, temperature, devices and zones.

There’s another section to the zones where one can look into the configuration. What people love in regards to the app will be the ‘restriction’ feature that works well smoothly. For instance, living in the place in which the weather is easily predictable, you set something like, ‘don’t water in February’ or ‘don’t water on Wednesday’.

RainMachine can integrate with great smart home products like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and SmartThings. We’ve paired the sprinkler controller with Alexa, also it would have been a smooth integration.

Whenever synced, it is possible to give voice-enabled commands and enable watering cycles without launching the app.

– Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s important to know the pros and cons of this sprinkler controllers to stop any misunderstandings before making a purchase decision.


  • Beautiful Hardware
  • Local Control
  • Touchscreen
  • Good Mobile Application
  • Open API
  • Cloud Independent
  • Rain and Wind Sensitivity
  • Weather Forecast
  • Local Weather
  • Amazon Alexa Integration


  • Can’t Expand to More Zones
  • Average Scheduling Capabilities
  • Less Flexible

RainMachine is a sprinkler controller for those who love employing a touchscreen. RainMachine doesn’t depend on cloud services, which can be a real bonus since it will continue to work even when the Wi-Fi signal is down.

Our findings strongly suggest that RainMachine can meet and in many cases exceed your needs. Well-known out there and have high rating and best-seller statuses on Amazon. It’s a best-selling product with a lot of potential.